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Well, it is official. We are moving to the Brady house. With 66 houses burned, in a moderately small college town, the pressure on rentals is very high even for student housing. The pickings are slim if you want what one agent called “executive housing.”

Executive housing, as far as I can discern, is any house that has fewer than two beds per room and 10 or 12 people per bathroom. We found one “executive home” that you rented by the room even thought it was a full-rental house. It was very posh but you still could not choose with whom you shared your bathroom.

Our new rental place is a huge house resplendent with perfectly manicured green shag carpet over a floor the size of a lawn. The setting is beautiful and it is close to our old house. As for the green shag carpet, well, if you don’t like green, just keep going until you run in to the red in-door-out-door carpet. The red carpet continues on to the seats that form a cozy, conversation fire pit. The kitchen sink is harvest gold and matches perfectly the double wall ovens and the washer and dryer.

There are 5 bedrooms including two that can be joined by pulling back a curtain like you do to expand a conference center meeting room. Each half of the room has its very own en suite bathroom. It is executive housing.