It feels good to get out of the hotel into the new temporary digs, shag carpet and all. It is nice to have some elbow room. Sophie seemed a bit less confused about being here with just the three of us. We have found several “nesting spots” just right for a relaxing moment with a book or falling over into the chair from being so tired. Every time I look over she is sacked out. I think she looks the way we all feel. A bit road-weary and very, very tired.

Today I hauled all of our clothing and new bed linens upstairs. Then we ended up without a bed so I hauled it back down until the new bed arrives. It should be here I a few days. It is astonishing how much there is for just one bed when you count from the mattress pad out to the pillows.

It is more astonishing how much a person can accumulate in just one month. Our clothing inventory was just about right for backpacking when we arrived at the hotel after the fire. Now we look like we are going on a two week cruise.

We connected to the internet today using our own connectivity—faster and if it goes wrong guess who is in charge. We sprang for the extra $10 a month for the “Turbo” function. As best I understand, it is a huge wireless cache I the sky. Whatever, we are clipping right along.

Speaking of electronics, we replaced our old TV and Blue Ray player with ones that do 3-D.I was truly disappointed that no one gave us any 3-D glasses or popcorn. I was surprised but we can get online directly from the television. I suppose everyone in America but us are already going directly to the internet from a televisions. It is a novel concept to us.

The house is quirky. Our old house was quirky but they were our quirks. This house also has cool things that we will enjoy learning about. We may even want to build some of the same features (quirks) in our new house. We want to build as quickly as possible because cool things aside, the quirks of this house are not ours. We look forward to having our very own quirks again.