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This is a snippet from the hymn Earth and All Stars by with text by Herbert Brokering (b 1926). and melody by David Johnson (1922-1987). According to hymnody.org, it was written in 1964 and first published in 1968. it is now included in 17 hymnals. http://www.hymnary.org/text/earth_and_all_stars

Hymnody.org quotes Bokering as saying:
    I tried to gather into a hymn of praise the many facets of life which emerge in the life of community. So there are the references to building, nature, learning, family, war, festivity. Seasons, emotions, death and resurrection, bread, wine, water, wind, sun, spirit… have made great impressions on my imagination.

These past few days as we have tried to settle ourselves into a large house I have composed new verses about washers, dryers, dishtowels, and cleaning cabinets.