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On Friday our bed arrived. I was up very late the night before and when the call came at 8:17 am alerting us to the 8:45 am delivery; it was hard to struggle awake. Still, I was excited to arise from our temporary bed in the temporary house to receive our very own, non-temporary bed.

When we purchased the bed we decided to up-size from a queen to a California king. We even purchased a “bed in a box” headboard. The headboard comes in three sections with two legs. Velcro, bolts and a zippered slipcover along with 30 minutes produces a rather decent looking headboard.

I told the delivery people that I wanted to install the headboard. They were kind and installed it for us. After they left I looked and discovered that my king-sized headboard did not fit my California king-sized bed. The bedframe stuck out 4 inches beyond the bed. Simple, I thought. I can fix that. I grabbed my cheap “toolkit in a bag.” In the end, I had to move the mattress and foundation and crawl back and forth from the top and bottom of the frame before I figured out how the very sophisticated and smartly designed bedframe worked. I fixed the frame, wrestled the foundation pieces into place and then wrangled on the mattress.

I placed the bedspread that was just like what we had before the fire. Like the headboard there were fit problems—serious fit problems. Not to be daunted, I went downstairs and got the bedclothes I had picked for our guest-room and put them on our bed. The bed looked lovey except for the tiny, weenie bed pillows and the tiny weenie fact that we did not have enough pillowcases.

We went one of our favorite starting-over stores, Tuesday Mornings. We found two 300 thread count pillowcases for $12.99. We found king-sized pillows for $13.99 each. We returned to the house, added the pillows and pillow cases and stood back to admire our very own, real bed. It looked so good we were loath to sleep in it for fear of messing it up.

By the end of the day we had no worries about messing up the look of the bed. Like most days, we fell into bed exhausted by the activities of the day. Rebuilding the home part of a house is hard work.