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Finally. Sheets that fit, that match, and don’t look horrible. It was with great pleasure that I washed them all and put them on the bed for our guests. In the end, they were not all that expensive unless you count my time scouring the internet for exceptional bed linens at ordinary prices. The sheets are 240 thread count long-staple cotton with embroidered trim on the top sheet and and on the pillows. The shams are Italian damask. The blanket is a thin goose down perfect for summer. The duvet cover is 600 thread count pima cotton with pick stitching  at the top. It even has little secret doors at the top of the duvet cover so you can reach in and grab hold of the duvet for the wrestling match to get it into its cover. Amazingly effective based on my one experiment.

None of these parts were kin. I introduced the ivory sheets with blue trim to the white down blanket who had only recently become acquainted with the white duvet. None of them knew the Italian damask shams until just tonight. They assured me that they would sleep peacefully togehter.

So, the bed is ready for our guests. Hopefully, soon, we will have a set of bed linens too. For now we have sheets and a bed skirt. It had better not get cold since we don’t yet have a blanket.

It is always good to draw the covers up and luxuriate in the feeling of soothing fabrics and the promise of good sleep. The best sheets are those that don’t announce themselves but leave you to sleep peacefully.