Audio Post Which Story to Tell Sept 23, 2012

I have spent the day today trying to figure out among the various events of the day which is the right story to tell for September 23, 2012. There are so many.

Some days the stories don’t come to me easily; I have to go searching for one. They can be elusive little buggers. On most days, though, I have the kernel of the story and then the it grows under my hands on the keyboard surprising even me.

Sometimes I have stories on the shelf. Not full ones, but thought-out ones. When I see something noteworthy but not the day’s story, I put it on the shelf to use later when its time is right. I remember hearing an interview with Stephen King and he said he never ran out of ideas for stories, he had so many.

I think I know how Stephen King must feel. Today I have so many stories I could not tell which to tell. I have, instead, told you the story of having too many stories to tell.

Sometimes our lives are like that. There are so many things going on, all of them noteworthy, that we cannot tell which story to tell. Some go on the shelf. I think one must need a very large shelf for a whole life.