Dealing with all this fire stuff is wearing us out. It is endless. Just when you feel like something is nailed down and you can go deal with something else, whoops, there it goes and here it comes, back around to meet you again.

From our experience, there are three basic fire-dictated mathematical equations one must deal with. They rest on the Axiom that before the fire you had stuff and are as follows:

  1. Un-get stuff
  2. Re-get stuff
  3. Figuring out how to pay for the stuff you re-got for what you un-got

Of course, then there is your regular life of job, family , community involvement, and if you are lucky, a vacation.

We were not lucky this year from the vacation perspective although we were very blessed and lucky too for the safety of our family and those involved in our fire. No one was killed or injured. That still amazes me and makes me feel happy.

From the vacation perspective, however, we were not so lucky. We had planned to go for a good, long camping trip. We like camping. You can fish. You get to sleep when you want, eat when you want (around the bear-safety rules and schedule) read, walk, talk, sleep, eat, read, walk, talk, eat, sleep. Yep. We like camping.

dog with bug-net hat on sleeping on a pile of sleeping bags

Thanks, Mom. I love my hat. It helps keep the bugs off.

I had gotten a few new things for camping this year. We are tent campers so every little thing is important to think about in regard to its space to use ratio. One of the things we have been trying to solve for years is the wash pan issue. We have tried everything. We away seem to revert to my grandmother’s white basin she used for the water bath in canning. We had one like hers for years and when she passed on we inherited hers. It works. It is, however, an inelegant  solution. It is bulky and unwieldy to pack. It is shallow so the water cools off fast. It is tippy on uneven surfaces like picnic tables. However, it does not have a hole in it like all the plastic and cloth versions we tried. I set out in earnest this year to find something that was compact, worked, and was not unwieldy to pack. I settled on a Coleman kitchen model that has a battery pack to heat the water. I thought myself going over to the dark side with something so, well, frivolous. But, if it saved 30 to 45 minutes of cleanup in the dark in bear country it was worth a lot.

We were actually supposed to have been on a camping trip the weekend of the fire. I am so glad we had not left. I was sick so we had decided to go another weekend.

We still thought perhaps we could squeeze in a short vacation this summer after the fire and before school started so I got what we ungot, e.g. I got another camping wash basin. Then, I have to account for it with the insurance inventory. Fire Math: Axiom: you got stuff from which you (1) unget, (2) get what you ungot and (3) figure out how to pay for what you got to replace what you ungot.

My my calculations, we need a vacation. We still have not used our new Coleman camping wash basin yet.