I got a hairbrush today.

I had not been able to do it for some psychological reason. When we left the fire, the brushes I had with me were traveling ones. Same with the makeup. I think somewhere inside of me, even though I knew it was not true, I somehow thought if I did not purchase any non-travel size this whole experience would be a trip and not a nightmare. We could go home.

wodden hairbrush

Wooden hairbrush

Of course, we cannot go home but not having a brush was the last hold out. I don’t think there are any categories of things that we have not replaced something. For example, we have clothes, dishes, tools, and computers. I tent to think in chunks like that. Hopefully getting something that belonged in the final category will help  cross other bridges as we come to them.

For now my hair will be well brushes and I will have lipstick to put on.