With all the high drama of building a 4,000 square foot house much of which is money-related, I yearned for the dinky and dark little 484 square foot house we lived in for 5 years. We would certainly not want to go back to that house to live but there are things that are attractive about it these days.  I thought I would take on the challenge of designing a 484 square foot place as a soothing project and see how I could address the things that drove us crazy about the house. It was fun to start from nothing but a blank of (e) paper and see what I could design.

All of the products I envision for the house from space saving utilities to furniture do exist on the market and are reasonably affordable.

When we lived in that tiny house we had no storage space but that is to be expected. I tried to put plenty of storage in the kitchen. The utilities are very modern and tiny. The hot water is on-demand at the point of use in the kitchen and the bath. The heating and cooling are the wall units that sit near the ceiling and take almost no space. Both of these products are used extensively outside of the US where space is often at a premium. They are also very energy efficient.

Besides storage, we had no washer and dryer. This was a serious time-sink and it probably caused us to have more clothes because of the difficulty in taking them to a laundry mat. A full-sized stacked washer and dryer are in the cabinet at the end of the kitchen.

We were never able to invite people to a proper dinner. We had no table other than a series of scrappy things we thought we could jam into the tiny space we had by our tiny kitchen by our tiny living room. In this house I have placed a small table in a dedicated space in a dining room area. The table can be used by two paper with it against the wall. For four, it can be to the middle of the dining area. There are two other chairs that match the set and can be easily brought to the table. One is in the living area and the other in the bedroom. Alternately, the table pushed against the wall as a buffet for informal meals inside or outside on the large deck.

We did not need a home office when we lived in our tiny house as were were professional emergency medicine/ski patrolers. However, it seems everyone needs a home office these days. The two ottomans that serve as the coffee table in the living room hold one of the compact office setups with files, paperwork holders, pens pencils. etc. The second ottoman holds a printer that must be lifted out to be used and there is a table for a laptop that pops up. Both ottomans have locking wheels so they don’t take off during a movie when you prop your feet up but the wheels can be unlocked and the ottoman rolled to the table for larger projects that require spreading out.

I hope you enjoy the house. I doubt it will ever find a real life except in this Sim Town but that is good enough for me.

This final produce all on one bit of paper shocked me. It includes information about the terrain, the vegetation, the furniture, the fixtures, the walls, door, and windows.