Not everything was lost to the fire. We have many wonderful memories and stories that survived the fire and will always be with us. Today I was thinking of some of the less weighty things of life.

I thought of our teddy bears. We had a small raft, not a flotilla like some, but a few. None of them were important bears like a Steiff antique bear that can cost a few thousand dollars. Most were nondescript teddy bears that marked this or that event i our lives. Our collecting of Teddies was brief but somehow even though they did not come out of their box in the closet for years they still were part of our history.

The most important bear we had was Theodore H Bear whose nickname was Tia. Tia was a good bear, a gift to us and our fist Teddy. I don’t remember when we got Tia but it was at least 30 years ago. According to the Antique Trader, teddy bears have outsold all other gift toys for 103 years starting in 1907.

When my niece was young we would write stories for her and put lots of silly illustration in them. When I was thinking today of Tia I remembered the story of Tia and lamb. I was very pleased to find that I still had a copy on one of my computers. I decided to share the story here.

Tia and Lamb

The Exciting Story of Two Furry Friends

One day, two smooth-skinned friends went for a ride to see the countryside.  This was not an ordinary day, it was a VERY special day although our smooth-skinned friends had no idea what was going to happen.  They did not know that they would meet a new furry friend that would make them throw back their heads back and laugh with joy.

Actually, the sun and the snow and the trees and the wind knew this was a special day. When our smooth-skinned friends got up from bed–a few minutes before 8 am, they yawned and looked out the window.

Yep, it was a bright, sunny day.  There had not been many of those lately, it had been snowing day after day.  In fact, there had been so much snow that every time our smooth-skinned friends looked out the window to see if there were any feathered friends dropping by for a snack, all they saw was more snow and an empty feeder. Our smooth-skinned friends were glad to see the sun, they had missed its cheerful face.

Well, I should get back to my story.  As I said, the sun and the snow and the trees and the wind knew this was a special day.

Our smooth-skinned friends got dressed.  They had to put on very warm clothes since it was cold outside, it was about 10 degrees!  After they got dressed, they had some coffee and some oranges for breakfast. It was very good and they were all ready for their adventure.

So our smooth-skinned friends set off in their car, looking for an adventure.  The sun followed them and shown down excitedly, thinking of the wonderful thing that was about to happen to them.  The snow gleamed as white as it could, showing a path to the adventure. The trees, even thought their fingers were bare, waved and pointed the way to the great adventure. The wind blew excitedly behind them, urging them on.  How could they dawdle so long!

Our smooth-skinned friends stopped at everything that looked interesting along the way.  They went into shops and looked at old furniture.  They looked at a bed and wondered if it would be good to sleep on.  Then they peeked under to see if anyone was looking back!  They giggled and teased each other that there were EYES under the bed.  But, of course, they were just being silly, there was no one under the bed but a dust bunny!

Finally, they came to a crossroads. Where should they go? The sun and the snow and the trees and the wind asked their feathered friend to tell the smooth-skinned friends to go to Shaker Village. The moment was close!

When our smooth-skinned friends got to Shaker Village, they looked about wondering what they were to do there.  The village was all quiet.  Everyone was gone. No one had lived in the Village for years.  All of the Shakers now lived in Connecticut now, not in New Hampshire.

But, what was that? There was a shop that beckoned.  Its doors were cracked open.  This was a strange thing, it was still very cold this afternoon.  Surely if the doors were opened, there was a reason.  Our smooth-skinned friends stopped their car and slowly walked toward the opened doors.  They peered in. To their surprise, inside it was warm and cheerful.  There were nice ladies with cookies!  Our friends were looking around and suddenly, one of our smooth-skinned friends heard a distinct






Well, as you might guess, our smooth-skinned friend was about to fall over with fright!  What was this!  A lamb made of wood talking to her?  She turned and walked in the other direction, looking around to see if anyone else had heard.  Then it happened again, only louder.



Nearly certain that she was just imagining things, she walked back over toward the lamb to take a look.  He stood, stone still.  Well, more precisely, woodenly.  She looked closer.  His fur was made of sheepskin but his legs were made of wood!  And, his head, well, that was the strangest of all.  How could he have spoken?  His mouth was just a little line of paint on the wood!  She leaned in VERY close to get a better look.  The lamb said in the tiniest whisper you could imagine



She picked him up and rubbed his furry side.  Hm…what should she do?  Hm…this is most strange.  A talking lamb made of wood. But, after three times, she was sure that she had heard him talking to her.

One thing was certain, she was not taking home a talking wooden furry lamb without checking with the other smooth-skinned friend.  Maybe he too would hear the lamb talk.  Then they could share together what the lamb had said. She took the lamb over to her smooth-skinned friend.  Just as she got close, the wooden lamb leapt from her hands onto his shoulder. He whispered into the ears of the smooth-skinned friend. TAAAAKEE MEEE HOOOME WIIIITH YOOOU and while he spoke, he shook his little wooden, fur covered body and the bell around his neck went TINKLE TINKLE. Well, that took the cake.  The smooth-skinned friends looked at each other in amazement.  What should they do?  They explained to the furry wooden lamb that they had a furry friend at home, Tia, who was a very large and fierce looking teddy bear.  The lamb would be so small he would surely be afraid.

The lamb would not hear of it.  He was certain that if he just had a chance to talk to Tia, they would be fast furry friends.  So, after thinking about it some more, the smooth-skinned friends took the little wooden furry lamb home.

When our friends got home, they found Tia in bed reading.  With not a little fear, they said, “Tia, our furry friend, we have a new furry friend for you to meet.”  “WHAT!” roared Tia (He liked to pratetia readingnd he was a fierce watch-bear because he was in charge of keeping the house safe when the smooth-skinned friends were gone.) “We have a new furry friend for you to meet.” The smooth-skinned friends said again, voices trembling ever so slightly.


Am I not a good enough furry friend?  You have to go out and get another furry friend?!” Tia asked, roaring just a bit louder this time.

lamb and tia

“Not at all!” the smooth skinned friends said, “We think you are a wonderful furry-friend.  You have lived with us ever so long.  But, when we were at the Shaker Village store, this wooden furry lamb begged us to bring him home.  All the other smooth-skinned friends tia lamb 2in the Village have moved away and, well, we guess he was lonely.”

“Well,” Tia said gently, “if he is alone, he will certainly need a friend.  And, as we all know, I am a great friend.” This time Tia looked at the wooden furry lamb with a mix of curiosity and kindliness.

The smooth-skinned friends breathed a sigh of relief.  Tia would help.  “Tinkle, Tinkle, Tinkle Thaaaaannnnk yoooooou for briiiiiing meeeee toooo myyy neeeeew hoooome.”  Said the lamb.  When Tia heard this, he turned to the lamb and said “We are going to be great friends but I am going to have to teach you how to ROAR!

tia and lamb heart