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Dog Here. Mom and Dad are still sick. They are taking a nap. I have the computer. I am writing the story today.

I liked it when Dad got sick. I got to snuggle. I could take naps with him. I got pets on demand. Then he made awful noises. When he sneezes it is so loud all the birds fly away. This was not like a sneeze. It sounds like when I pull too hard on my lead. My doctor calls it a goose honk cough. I do not understand. I am not a goose and I don’t have a horn. Dad does not have a lead.

Dad got sick. Mom got sick. This could be fun! Mom and Dad at my command. I hopped on the bed and surveyed my kingdom. They were lying on the far sides of the bed near their tea and Kleenex. PERFECT! Half gainer dive with a 90 degree twist put me precisely half way between them. I put my front paws on Mom and my back paws on Dad. I got half the bed. Try to take that territory back.

I got really worried. No one made me move. pensive looking dog I looked on the pills they took and it said cough. I looked online and it says that kids goose honk. I don’t know  if Moms and Dads honk. I tried to honk with them. I thought it would make them feel better.

Sometimes I get scared when they are both coughing. Sometimes I get scared when one coughs really hard and the other worries. I try to smile and beat my tail on the bed as hard as I can so they know it is OK. I am a dog. I am magic. I can fix things. When people cry I can fix it with my tail. I cannot fix Mom and Dad with my tail.

When I am not scared, I am hungry. They sleep through breakfast. I roll over and give them belly to remind them. Sometimes I do my one woof “Good Morning” routine. It seems to work. I wish I could fix breakfast. I thought I had it figured out. Mom put her backpack down on the ground unzipped. She usually has some bags of kibbles. I went and dug around in her pack. I only found one pack. I took them to her so she and Dad could eat. Mom said I was sweet but she made me eat it.

Mom got really tired when Dad hurt his leg playing with me. The doctor put screws in it. Dad stayed in bed three weeks. I stayed with Dad so she could get some sleep. She taught me how to take him new ice packs and bring her the old ones. I felt useful. I could help. She let me carry napkins and forks and stuff in a little basket. She let me bring the trash bag too.

I don’t know what to do to help now. They are sick and I want to help. I love Mom and Dad. They are sleeping sitting up. I can hold them up in bed by keeping my body pressed really close. Once Mom hurt her shoulder and it needed to be pressed down to keep from hurting. I lay on it for two weeks. Well, not two weeks. I had to go pee pee sometimes.

Mom always tries to have a moral to her stories. I don’t know what that is. I think it is like a thought of the day. I know someone on Polyvore who puts one of those online.

I can say that love is good and love is patient and love is kind. It is good to love Mom and Dad. It is hard to be patient with them when they are patients. I want to go play outside. I am kind I don’t want them to be sick. I stay right beside them and keep them close so I can make them better. I think being sick makes you feel sad, I can fix that. I will be patient and kind and they will get well. Then we can go outside.