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Today has been an exhausting day. It is not bad exhausting but there have been so many details flying around that extra attention was required to keep up with what was happening.

The big accomplishment for the day was combing through my credit report so I can start requesting corrections. There are some blatant ones. If you track my addresses you will find that I was off the grid from 1993 until 1999. My personal favorite is that I work for the University of Alabama. My list is ready and I am loaded for bear. Hopefully the dispute process will go smoothly.

We have submitted mortgage applications and hope that our improved credit scores will make our intentions look good. We are already in the excellent risk category but with the errors corrected we could be solidly in rather than hanging on in that category.

While I was trying to sleep last night I kept waking up and scratching. The humidly  has been really low in the house with the cold weather my skin feels like a, well, winter. We had a humidifier in the house that burned. It helped us all breath better and my dry skin from getting irritated.

We will have proper crab cracking tools. We had gorgeous Dungeneouss Crab for dinner. A local food store had their annual half-off crab sale. We managed to get the crab cooked but we had nothing to get the crab cracked. Being the ever industrious family we used vice grips a2013-01-17_20-26-57_370nd a stubby hammer for dinner. Worked pretty well but it was a little messier than necessary. Sophie, who is still not sure wther or not she should like crab and why we eat it it found the “remodeling” versino of supper a bit odd.

We are leaning to get used to odd. It will be interesting to see how odd things are when we move into our new larger house if it will be odd. I think that it will be and I think that all the time we have spent since the fire learning to live and even thrive when things are odd I am keen to take on the challenge.