Everyone asks why toast lands butter side down. The simple answer is that the mass of the buttered side exceeds the toast alone and the heaviest thing drives the behavior of the toast.

Which is what we are today, toast. We don’t even eat butter so I am not sure we are butter-side down but something is down.

The cost of rebuilding our new home seems to be exceeding the coverage we had. This all would be OK had we known to insure our house for the sticky wicket it is. The fire landed our house butter side down. Before the fire we knew we had a tiny bit of land but it is far more tiny than we knew. After dealing with the post-fire ecological aspects of the land along with the boundary issues we are not going to be home by the anniversary of the fire. I have to live 6 more months in a house with green, and gold and red shag carpet–all hues I hate. We are not going home yet.

The amount of time that it takes shepherding the house toward reality feels like a full time job. It is probably more satisfying than a job since it means so much to us in our ability to be in the world. In the meantime it is a really big elephant that has fallen, butter side down on top of us covering us like a roof but smothering us like an buttered elephant.

pensive looking dog