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Spring was here today. I am not sure it was ready to be here. I am certain I was not ready for it to be here.

After weeks in the deep freeze it was 41 degrees today. I stood in the sunshine on the deck with Sophie for a while. When came back in to work on house stuff, I left the door open for a while. The air, warmed by the sunshine and freshened by the vegetation that was awakened by the sun, brought a sweet freshness into the room that had the smell of winter.

For those of us who live even a little north the light changes very noticeably. It is not as dramatic as when we lived in Alaska but it is dramatic nonetheless. There is a quality to the list that comes in the first couple of weeks of February that is spring light. The air can be very cold but the light is different; it is liquid flowing toward green. Fall light is softening and dimming as it strolls its way into the waning of the year. Exhausted, it simply rests. It rests is spark and shimmer for a few weeks before becoming the crisp light of winter which yields to the spring light. And, so the seasons go. In the summer there is the languid, hazy, sun that makes you want to take naps. Summer also holds special events of harsh, baking, dry light. It was like that last summer when our house burned.

But today, today was not baking summer light. It was fresh, dancing spring light. It is the sort of light that changes your whole mood, not because of the amount of Vitamin D but because is joyful light and it shines all over your life and you cannot but feel some of the exhilaration that the light conveys.looking down a winding road with snow cover and plaw banks. The light is blue and bright.

It makes sense that the feeling of awakening that the light brings would be especially appreciated by us after an emotionally dark summer and fall followed by the natural dark of winter. We It is interesting that we did feel the dark of the summer and the fall as we tried to grasp what had happened and beginning the long road to reconstruction of our lives, including our home. By Winter Solstice the darkness was not ours but the sun’s. That darkness is good. Giving us fewer hours of sunshine each ay forces us to focus on details that we would typically not eve notice.

So by the light we are defined as the seasons pass. It is yet another thing that drives aspects of who we are in such a subtle manner that we may not even notice it.

Spring warmth comes with soft, gentle sun kisses that  rekindle a spark that has been at rest for the winter. Invigorated by the awakening of that energy following its restorative rest, we move forward to being ready for spring in truth.