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Sophie and I had the house to ourselves today. We slept in and did laundry and took a walk and watched the sun play hide and seek with the snow clouds. As the day closed the snow began to come in earnest in tiny soft flakes.

It was not a boring day. It was a delicious day of quiet and work well done. The sheets have been changed to a new set and the dirty ones are washed and put away. There are file folders in my drawer rather than spread across my desk. Things are straightened here and there. The strips of 2 1/4, 3 1/4, 4 and 5 inch pieces of red and white oak are no longer separate pieces, they are laid out, random lengths and random widths snugged together showing me what my new floor will look like. It will be a diversity of lengths and widths that will become a unity.

Quite, successful days like today can slip by without notice. When we flow from one task to the next without disruption and with success in accomplishing the work, it is the lack of stress that makes us not notice that things are happening. It is like wearing your well broken in shoes. Even thought your feet are well shod, you don’t notice them even while they steady your feet.

Today was like an old shoe. It was a good day.

red dog asleep in a round blue dog bed