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Today was an odd day. I continued to try to clean my three computers of hitchhiker malware including Delta Search. It started with a template download from a well respected company (no, not MS). Just as I saw what I had clicked I had agreed to installing a package of nasty stuff.

After a couple of weeks working on this, and paying someone to help, I think I finally have it all under control. What a mess! The computers took a lot of rebooting so I had time between to think about other stuff. My choices: dirty dishes, cruise, dirty dishes, cruise. I bet you can tell which I picked. My rational was that the closet was a lot closer to the computers AND the tipping point, my hands would not be wet when I had to check on computers between tasks. So,cruise clothes it was.

For longer or more important trips, I usually pull the things that I think I would pack and then look at them a while. I switch things around, putting something in but always I pull 3 out for every one in. Tonight I thought I had better see how some of my choices fit. Trying them on, I kept getting hung up on the price tag. I took a good look and everything except for a pair of pant I wore, gave to my sister and she brought back to me after the fire, everything down to my undies is new. Well, I do have the same pair of sandals. I was wearing them the day of the fire.

There was something that kept me from cutting all the tags off. I am not sure what it was but somehow it just did not feel right to take them off. All of the items came from “final purchase” no-return sales so it is not like I was saving then for return. I don’t know what it was. When I examined the tags, I was shocked at how much the clothes cost. They are beautifully made out of nice fabrics and I feel lucky to have had found such nice things on clearance. I looked at a few and thought, “well, it is good I paid $19 for that because it is hardly worth that much. I feel sorry for the poor people who paid $99!”

My closet is a study in contrasts. I have cheap tee shirts and a pair of jeans from Cal-Ranch that I got two days after the fire. I have a ton of Land’s End sale + 30% off + free shipping and I have dressy clothes. I could go to a week’s worth of black tie dinners and by switching my stuff around a bit I could not have to repeat anyladies formal clothing: silver silk skirt with deep blue beaded jacket and shellthing but shoes and jewelry. The shoe thing is getting better but jewelry, even costume, us just not falling into place. So,here is my solution.Wear the same three pieces of jewelry and call it good. I know half of the fun of cruises is dressing and then gawking at others. They will just have to gawk at my dresses not my jewelry.

The old clothing advice is to buy one good dress and change the accessories and the outfit will be fresh. In my case, change the dress and the accessories will be fresh–maybe. I can change my glasses and that will be really different. The only glasses I have now are thick dark “New Yorker” style that just seem a bit off with the lace on one of my shirts. To my surprise, when I was digging around tonight I found an old pair of glasses that are less dramatic.

Which brings me back to the computers. Accessorizing your computers can be a dangerous thing. There are so many add-ons and apps these days is it nearly impossible to discern completely which are OK and which are not. My browser looked odd and when I started getting pro-smoking ad I suspeced something was a miss. Then ads about clothes– taking them off, not getting them– started coming I knew I had a problem.

With a giggle, it made me wonder what they did with their accessories. Come to think of it, I probably don’t want to know. I will just stick to my clothes and I will cut the price tags out of them and if it proves too hard, I will talk with a mental health counselor to figure it out. I know it means something even if it is only to tell me the internet is not all bad. Good things like great clothing sales can happen on the internet.