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Well, we are going to fly from Idaho to Scotland, about 14,000 air miles round trip to get Sophie the dog’s PETS passport renewed. And, of course, we will have to take a few days to visit so we can get over our jet lag.

Seriously, we are going to get her passport renewed and for me to do some work with colleagues there. It portends to be a good break from the reality of the fire wrought world of ours without having to check out of society and sense by going on a fairyland cruise. A few hearty full Scottish Breakfast with haggis, blood pudding, rubber eggs and cold toast will fortify just about anyone. We are excited. Scotland is our favorite place in the world outside our door here in the Rockies. Last trip we let the weather drive the schedule. We hiked a day, hung out in our little rented house to read and drink tea and then went hiking again the next day. Some days we hiked in the rain but usually we had at least a few hours of sun. A wonderful trip it was.

Here are some photos from our last trip.

looking at trail 1

sophie gazingf down trail