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We either had larger cereal bowls than we do not or we have lost perspective in ounces.

white fluted cerel bowl

When we lost the house to the fire we lost 8 favorite bowls. They were the same pattern but different sizes. Four were perfect for cereal and 4 for soup and other dinners out of a bowl. You could put cereal in the soup bowl but the cereal looked pretty forlorn in there. If you put the soup in the cerel bowl as long as you did not want to move more than a few feet with the bowl you were fine. More than just turning around with it and it would slip o the floor. We eat a lot of soup and we eat a lot of cereal. Having those bowls was perfect.

When the fire came and we were trying put out household back together I bought was I thought were the larger bowls. I got the smaller one. That was just fine, we wanted both. A few months later I ordered what I thought was a set of the larger ones. I even bought the off of Amazon where I had assurance I had bought these bowls before. They came and then we had 8 of the smaller bowls I went back online to see what was going on and found that my review of the bowls I posted several years ago was associated with the smaller size bowl.

Or so we thought. We have such specific memories about fixing dinner and having to go wash two of the larger bowls since we had used then so recently. We remember trying to find our cereal  the bottom of the bigger bowl. We specifically remember these things.

What we remember does not square with the reality that my Amazon order says I now have the bigger ones. My review, which does talk about the bowls being large, is associated with what the size I ordered and then feel like are the smaller versions. I cannot find anywhere on the internet the bowls that I thought we had.

We are left doubting our memories. We are left doubting what we knew about our house and even our lives before the fire. Sometimes I wonder if my pre-fire life and knowledge are so much dross and that I don’t need them now since we encounter things that we cannot remember or we remember wrong.

I have studied on it. I have come to believe that our pre-fire lives are even more important than they were when we were living them. They are the bedrock on which we stand and the dirt where we we grow into this new life.