Today was a good day. It was a happy day.

I was up very late last night doing some paperwork. I knew the excavators were supposed to be a the house today but after all the goings on for so long with the house I was not very excited. It was just more goings on. My spouse held breakfast for us until I staggered out of bed about 7:30. A little later our contractor called to double check on where we wanted the house toearthmoving equipment poised, man pointing to location of work area sit. I thought that could be important so I jumped up and went over to see for myself. It was exciting.

I tied Sophie to me using a jogging lead so she could follow me but not get too far or into someone’s way. She has a new backpack to help carry my tools and stuff since I am also going to be working on the house too. In our rush to get to the car I forgot that it was so new I did not know how to put it on her. I got all of her stuff messed up so when we went up to the place where everyone was standing looking a the ground one panier was on the top of her back and the other under her belly. Everyone but Sophie and me got a big laugh out of that.

We scrabbeled around the crumbling corners of where the house used to be to make sure this house would go where it should be. When we were designing it 4 feet in each direction did not seem much. When they were digging the hole today it seemed like a whole bunch.

After we got the corners set I went over to rescue my poor plants that I keep saying I will rescue. The moment has come that I had to move them or they would be trampled by a HUGE Deere with tracks rather than a deer with hoofs. I thought Sophie would be scared when the big Deere roared by to go dig us a hole for our house but she was too interested in what was going on to be scared. She stood leaning against me, eyes wide, and watched every movement of that big yellow thing. After a while she and I both focused on the plants. Last summer before the fire came I did a lot of gardening and she came outside with me. She thought gardening was fun for a little while then it was boring and hot. This morning both of us liked getting into the dirt. The plants were very healthy and growing strongly. I was surprised at how deep their roots went. They are going to spend the summer in grow bags and return home this fall to settle back into their earth and grow again.

When the concrete gets poured we are all going to go over and put our hands and paw prints in for memory. We are coming full circle. It is good to remember and it is good to grow on.