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My last post was on Sunday, 5 May. I must offer an explanation for my absence but I find it very difficult to do. You see, I do not remember those days well.

As it turned out my brief sojourn in the Emergency Department of our local hospital was followed the next morning by an admission and three day stay. During the time I was heavily medicated so I honestly do not remember much! When people were telling me that they had been in the room I was surprised.

The occasion for my admission was the worst dizzy spell I have ever experienced in my life. That was accompanied by the disembarkation, well you get the point.

After an MRI a CAT Scan, Chest Xrays, many blood tests, and surely other things I don’t remember I was allowed to come home with a good blessing. If felt bad I was instructed to return. Thankfully while I feel tired, I do not feel bad so I am enjoying the comfort of my own bed, even if not my own house.

One of the strange things that I experienced while in the hospital was that I had no desire to “go home.” It was not because of how ill I was but I believe because I had some sort of detachment from my personal space that was not dissimilar to my detachment from understanding what was happening around me while I was in the hospital.

I shall retire to meditate on the beautiful photo of our trip to Scotland some years ago, take a nap and think on how being tied to a place and tied to a body are similar or different.