I have been working on getting us home for 18 months now. At first I naively thought we could just build and it would be the same as it was. Then I learned that just building was just no easy. We added our whole retire and move to Montana thing and had stopped thinking about really being home some months ago.

Being home is an interesting question for me since I spend time ever week, sometimes daily, wandering around in our house in 3D. I am on my 5th fully developed 3D house. Still, I never thought that the walls would be for real somehow.

I moved from belinging that the walls will be real to suddenly figuring out that I was actually going to be living in the building that is our house within the next few weeks. We could be living under the roof by the end of January. We won’t live in the “big house” upstairs but in our little cruise ship suite tucked into the back corner of the basement while the tides of fortune and air compressors and saws and tossing boards and trucks is going on.

We both fell asleep on the couch tonight watching a stupid move. I remember the feeling of sleep taking over and waking up because my spouse was snoring so loud. Both of us had our heads lolled back. We sat there, side by side, kinda snuggled up and with our eyes closed truly grasped that we would be living in a place that was ours. That last move will be taking the clothes upstairs not across town or a state.

I am not quite sure how to think about this but one thing we did decide is that we plan to take a bottle of champagne and sit with the house as it closes out 2013 and enters into 2014. 2014 is going to be a banner year.