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Today we got our first three floor boards. They are not long, only 42″. The boards were laid on the landing at the bottom of the 10″ log stairs. I realized that there were only 3 and a part of a 4th board. As my eye traveled upwards I saw a pattern.

I am usually very good at spotting patterns. I was once asked if I would consider being a police detective since I was good at spotting patterns. When I collected my data for my dissertation I collected 144 questions from 1180 people. After there data were coded I had over 600 data points for each person. This was before the advent of data bases so I had what was called a “flat file”. Each person had 7 1/2 lines of data then the next person’s data started. Some people had more. I had nearly three quarters of a million data points. needless to say there were a lot of errors to find and fix. There were a lot of new concepts so it was impossible to know how to code them directly into functioning computer code. I spent hours and hours scanning monster files.

In fact I did find patterns. I won’t say my dissertation would change the world but a few people noticed. I noticed the patterns.

I have noticed patterns at our house. I missed the 10″ pattern. Half of a 10″ log for our stairs, half of a 10″ log for our siding. 10″ floor boards. Now that I know the pattern is there I will seek it out.

Pattens are how we recognize our world. Patterns will help us know how to finish the new house and when done and we live i upstairs full time, the patterns will guide us in the ways we should go.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  ??????????????????????  close up shot of details of wood on log stairs which are not identifiable at this close range eight half logs that will become stair treads lined up against a dry wall that has been textured but not painted in new construction  house under construction view thorugh king post of porch looking at evergreens with snow