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The past three days have been consumed by painting and staining cabinets. I had no idea there were so many cabinets in a typical house. In this house there are cabinets in the kitchen, the bathrooms and the utility room We bought the cheapest ready-overlooking multiple cabinets lying on the floor being painted blueto-finish cabinets from Lowes. We were ready to finish them. Now I am ready to finish.

Some cabinets are painted and some are stained. The kitchen cabinets are painted. The kitchen cabinet frames were a nightmare because the paint was rolling off in big globs. I did not dare try to work with drawers of doors until the paint thing was solved. The second round I put down the brush and picked up a foam roller. It worked. The texture it leaves is not appealing to my hand but it is acceptable. Tonight I covered the spaces where the counter top will be when it is installed with scrap wood so I could use it as a painting station. Mistrustful of the paint, I only sanded and organized the drawer fronts so I can get an early start on them tomorrow. One coat of primer early, one coat of paint in the afternoon and one coat of paint Sunday lets me put the drawer faces back in place before out contractor arrives for work on Monday morning.

Upstairs I have had a production facility for days. I overtook the library with saw horses and jaw stands and 80 gallon totes of tools. I have two stations on either side of the horses and stands. One stand is for the initial sealer coat and top coat. The other work station is for stains. The bathroom cabinetry is being transformed from cheap oak to dark Georgian Cheery finish.row of saw horses with cabinet doors and drawers and the casegoods boxes all being stainedIt our nod to our desire for antiques. The cabinets are stained dark Georgian Cherry and will have faux ojive pedestal feet. The cherry stain is a very dark, red, brown. It takes on the characteristic of old-wood. Sometimes in my haste to get the cabinets finished I end up making he finish slough toward the bottom of the cabinet door. As long as you don’t look too closely the cabinets do look like furniture, not like the painted ones downstairs in the kitchen.

The upstairs production furniture-style cabinets bear little resemblance to their as yet unfinished kin downstairs or their blue brothers and sisters in the kitchen. The biggest difference is these are done well with some mistakes as opposed to the blue cabinets downstairs that are mistakes with some well done recoveries.

Which is the message for today. Sometimes a well done recovery is a good day in paradise. Sometimes cutting something loose and shifting to the “good enough” mode is a good decision. When we started with the cabinets we were ready to finish them. After days and days of cabinets we are now we are ready to finish.