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Today was a disjointed day. It began when I woke up about 30 minutes after getting a text I did not hear come in because I was sleeping. It was from the plumbing company. Panicked I dashed out of my nightgown into a pair of dirty jeans and a dirty shirt and called to my spouse, “Help me please, the plumbers are coming and I left a mess in the kitchen where they need to work.”

A mess was a serious understatement. What I left was a disaster zone that should have had police tape around it. I have been working for two days on converting a 30 inch drawer and door cabinet to a microwave drawer cabinet with two additional drawers. A 30 inch drawer and door cabinet is 30 inches wide with one wide drawer at the top and two 14 inch cabinet doors on the bottom. The new cabinet has a 30 inch wide microwave drawer that occupies 5/8th of the height of the cabinet. Underneath, where about half the doors were intended to be, I have constructed two drawers with filler used for the cross-pieces.

One drawer originally came from that cabinet. It was a simple move from its location at the top to a place at the bottom. The second drawer came from my bathroom cabinet. I had a 30 inch drawer and door cabinet there but only needed the false front of the drawer since my sink pipes take up the space where the drawer would go. I took that drawer to the kitchen for the microwave drawer and drawers. I took the false drawer front from the kitchen sink base upstairs to my bathroom. The kitchen sink has an apron front so the drawer front, as well as the cabinet front bracing were removed.

I took the 36 inch false drawer front from the kitchen to my bathroom and cut it down for my 30 inch cabinet. The cut was simpler than it could have been since my cabinet sits flush to the wall where my closet door is. Not having a fully functioning false drawer front is not going to show since the side that will have the new cut will be right by the wall.

The cabinet doors for the sink base without the cross bar or the false drawer front should not have fit. However, I was able to get them on without having to cut them apart and remake them. They are a pretty snug fit under that apron sink front but fit they do so fit they shall.

So this morning when I found out that the plumber was coming all I could think of was my mess. I was embarrassed. I always try to clean up my mess when I finish working. Most days I clean up mine and a bunch of other mess too. Last night I just walked away. I thought we had the inside of the house to ourselves since most of the work is on the siding right now. As the kids would say, “Busted.”

This afternoon I spent two hours laying out a complex mosaic pattern for the back splash behind my utility sink. It is fancy tile we were going to use in the kitchen that looked out of place. I had to find a place and the place was the laundry sink. I numbered my tiles, put up my thinset and then started to put the tiles in place. At one point I got lost in my pattern and then realized that one tile was turned the wrong way, or not. Tonight I discovered that tile 4 was upside down which is why the patterns for 3, 5, and 13. It might have remained a mystery as to why the tile did not look like I thought it would when I laid it out but as I was taking out the spacers I noticed the number on tile 4 was upside down.de morgn

Today was a disjointed day. I did not hear the text come in on my phone and I left a mess from last night. I do have two drawers and enough drawer fronts to go around. I did get my tile up on the wall and will be able to grout it tomorrow. I went to check on my tile just now and tile 4 stands out to my eye. No one else will ever see that it is upside down but I know. While I do have two drawers, I had a tile 4 sort of day.