Today is Saturday. It is the pivotal point for the last week of the two year count-down to being in our replacement house after ours burned June 28, 2012 in the Charlotte/Mink Creek Fire.

The new house is pressing finished but won’t be finished by the 2nd year anniversary of the fire. It might not be finished for years to come since we are doing so much of the work ourselves. However,it will be finished enough for us to move upstairs and move “in” to our new house.

The movers are coming on Tuesday and on Friday. They think they can get the remaining stuff in our ware house all moved in one day but if they don’t get it all on Tuesday they will play catch-up on Friday. This suits us just fine. We will have stuff here to start unpacking and building (most of our furniture is in boxes waiting to be built). We can hang curtains and by Friday next week, put down some of our rugs because the floors will have cured sufficiently.

I am feeling overwhelmed by the floors since I am still chipping away at them and the cure time for the finish is bothering me but I am close. I want not to worry about them. I want to see how our rooms will turn out. I want to see my dishes and my crustal. I want to sit on my deck and take in the view and go inside to fuss with house details because they are interesting not because they are pressing deadlines.

Today was something interesting. We got the car in the garage the first time!??????????????????????

My spouse has spent days transforming the garage from a building yard to a place where we store stuff and cars can potentially live. He was tired and frustrated because a time sink cabinet with drawers broke on the final step. I told him to take a break and I hauled out the last of the wood, rolled up the last of the contractor’s paper and swept the floor.

I innocently went inside and said, “Honey, do you have the keys to the van? Could you help me?” “Here they are, dear, and I can help you.” By now we are standing in the garage with the garage door open and the mini van is sitting there. “Can you bring the car in?”man watching grage door close

i knew it would make him happy. It did. It made me happy. Sophie (the dog) and I jumped in the van with him when he got into the garage. We backed out into the yard and then drove the van back in.

Soon. We have one car in the garage and that is a  good as a done deal.