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I almost did not write a blog entry tonight. It will be short. I am tired. We are both worn out trying to get everything in the house before the anniversary. We won’t be put together and decorated but we will have our stuff, and a lot of left over building materials, in the house.

As I was working on floors, cabinets, moving furniture into rooms, trying to locate things and hanging curtains and found myself feeling stupefied as to which thing I was doing when, I had a momentary remembrance of being stupefied a lot in the time after the fire. Today I could stand still for a few moments and remember who was in what rotation when but then I could stand for a good long while and still not be oriented. age effect on photo of fire rubble

While the exhaustion is similar the experience is very different. I am impressed with how mature what we have is. Everything is less than two years old, and only used at most one year because it has been in storage since August last year. Still, when it is coming out of the boxes it has some age to it and does not feel like we raided a department store housewares department.

We still have not decided how or exactly when to move upstairs but tomorrow the couch and the fireplace/TV stand from Lowes scratch and dent will move in and we will take up the television and the den will be done. Today I wrestled the curtain rod on to the wall with only one dry wall patch needed. We found a rug among those we have that works OK. It is not great but it is great since we have it.

The final count down hours are here. I honestly don’t know how to feel about the whole experience but I guess that is just as it should be.