You would think that having fewer things would be less complicated but it appears to us that it is not. We are trying to go on a short trip for our mom’s 90th birthday. Packing seemed like it would be easy. It is not. I don’t have any shoes that go with any skirt (the one I have) and I don’t have any tops that look nice that will go with bottoms that look nice.

I have sifting clothes but that just won’t work. You don’t wear fire-decorated clothes to a birthday party where people love you and are already concerned. So, I will wear what I have. Tee shirts with nice pants. I have a nice shirt to go with a black skirt but I don’t have a black skirt. It is going to go with a blue skirt.

And, the shoes, well, I can wear sport sandals, hiking boots (that were found I the back of the car after the fire), slippers, or a pair of black flats I just got that have tan horse bit trim. I suppose that should go well with pearls and a blue skit but there is this little problem of the fact that the shoes are unknowns since I have only worn them a few hours. We feel disorderly but we are also able to know that and to tolerate it. I will be happy when I can get my little travel bags replaced, no to mention a pair of shoes and a skirt that remotely go together.