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In the auction world you can bid on things multiple ways. You can bid by being there in person, you can bid over the phone or you can use what is called a “left bid.” A left bid is effectively a bid you “left there” to be used when item you want comes up for bid.In the auction, if you are the high bidder, regardless of the method of bidding, you get the item.

I keep a few things at my Mom’s house so when I visit I can travel lighter but still have things like slippers. I am visiting this weekend. When put my clothes in the closet, I looked up high on the self and there were my slippers. I reached up to see what else I had left. I found a pair of black shoes. Now I have dark shoes to go with my dark shirt. I also found a hair dryer, some of Sophie’s dog toys and one of her old blankets. This is better than any left bid.