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Before the fire, we had a running story on Polyvore.com about my gardening and Sophie wanting a chicken leg. It was a fun joke. I had comments on my posts and pms both to give Sophie a chicken leg.

Tonight I was remembering the real life gardening which was the genesis of the chicken leg stories. They are pleasant memories even though the the garden is now burned. The gardening and writing Sophie’s stories makes me smile. It is nice to have a good memory of the land that is now ash. It reminds me that I will be able to garden my land again. Both the land and we will recover from the fire. We will grow together.

Sophie’s Chicken Leg Stories

Sophie wrote on our status at Polyvore.com most days. Of course, I did the typing but sometimes she actually seemed to have something to say. Here are her stories about the chicken leg.

May 12, 2012

Well, I know for sure Mom has lost it. She claims it is gardening but you tell me, does gardening usually include vice grips and Olympic-quality bush tossing? Tonight, rather than making a nice PV set she dug big holes (like the size of a mini-van) tossed the dirt this way and that, dumped a whole lot of water on it and then put a tablecloth on the ground. YEA! a picnic! Do I get a chicken leg? Nooooo.She smiles and waves at me. Then she throws ROCKS on the table cloth. Dad came home from a meeting and I thought he would get me the chicken leg. He walked right by mom and did not even say Hi to her.Turned out she had on her Carharts so she was camouflaged under the bush and he did not even see her. I do not understand gardening. I like Polyvore. I want my chicken leg.

P.S. Mom said it was something called rock cloth, not a tablecloth. I could eat a chicken leg on a rock cloth. Do you have a chicken leg for me?

May 24, 2012

I thought I finally figured out gardening. Mom put this box on our deck. It had dirt. It had herbs. Mom said, “You want to sniff? You can sniff.” So I did. This box was perfect. It was just tall enough for me. It has wheels and it went pretty fast but I am smart. I could catch that box…mmmmm.  Mom planted a box with legs. It is tall like her. That is her box. I don’t like lettuce. Mom went to the lower garden and I stayed on the deck. Dad came home and found a big pile of dirt under the deck. Mom said, “Sorry. I guess I made a mess.” Mom and Dad came up to the deck to see the boxes. I wagged and wiggled, “Mom has a box, I have a box. Thank you for my box. I like dirt. I like fertilizer. I like to dig.” I don’t understand. It was my box.

Early June

BORING! Mom finished gardening. I read on the internet that digging big holes, pulling out old bushes and tossing dirt is landscaping. It is hard. Maybe that is why no chicken legs. Mom built a 40 ft long trail. I like the trail. I am a dog, I like to march up and down the trail. She is is writing another grant proposal. Boo hoo she says. Boo hoo me too. No Polyore, no gardening, no chicken legs. Does she know how boring desk is! Noooooo, she gets to wiggle, I have to stay still under the desk. I hate writing grant proposals. I like chicken legs.

June 17, 2012

Dog here. It is hot. I have a fur coat. On Polyvore no one wears a fur coat when it is hot. I have to wear a fur coat. I pant. They give me a bowl of water and I want a chicken leg.The air conditioner broke. Mom figured out how to make it cooler with fans but it was loud and all her papers flew around the room. I thought it was funny but she did not. It was still hot. I like to catch paper. I caught the papers and took them to her. She thanked me. She could have given me a chicken leg.

dog playing with toy chicken

Do you have a chicken leg for me?