Dog here. In case you don’t know me, I am Sophie. I am the dog. Mom has not let me write in our blogs since the fire. I wrote all of our stories on Polyvore. People liked my stories. I like to write. I don’t like fire.

Mom posted my Polyvore chicken-leg stories in “I Want a Chicken Leg”. Did she ask me? No. I want to write. I don’t want her to write for me. Just because on the internet no one knows you are a dog does not mean that dogs cannot write. I am a dog. I am a good dog. I am a story-telling dog. Let me tell you a story. Will you give me a chicken leg if you like my story? Do you have any left-over turkey?

I will tell you a story. Mom used to let me have a computer. Now I have to sneak around to get one.  Three computers of her computers died in the fire. She was pretty upset. I was upset. When she had 4 computers I could use one. She has three now so I can get online. She got a new big touch screen. Do you know if they work with paws? I tried to smell it and things jumped on the screen.

We have a new computer. Last week we got a big turkey. I like turkey. Tonight mom put a treat of turkey the top of her laptop and forgot. Not me. A computer AND turkey? I did not fuss. I watched that turkey-computer. I watched and watched. I politely waited for an hour. I tried my nicest “Mom, come play” noises. She smiled at me. I could not believe it. The turkey was just sitting right there. I said, “I can get it for you!” Mom smiled at me and said, “Good Dog.” I hate Good Dog. I like turkey. I want a computer. There is a turkey computer. It is for me.

Mom thought I was cute wiggling around. Dad got out his phone and made a video. No YouTube please. How embarrassing. Dogs who are on YouTube say it is awful. I was not being cute for YouTube. I wanted that turkey.

FINALLY she said to Dad, “Oh, my gosh, there is a turkey snack on my laptop over there.” Well DUH. I said it about 100 times. Dad got me the turkey. I got the computer.

I like turkey. I like computers. I don’t like fire. The fire ate my computers. The fire ate my beds. The fire ate my toys. The fire ate my house. I don’t like fire.

dog with inquisitive look

People just don’t understand the superior intellect of dogs. They think cats are smarter. They just don’t know we are wise too. All of my silly yap dog kin give us a bad reputation.