Yesterday Sophie was marching around doing all of the things a dog should be doing. Today she is listlessly lying at the foot of our bed with a hurt elbow. She has hardly moved at all since we deposited her there 6 hours ago.

We don’t know what happened but between breakfast and our baths this morning Sophie started limping very badly. We think she took too large of a leap off of her couch for a lady of her age. She did get a boo boo last week when we went out on a walk (That’s What You Get When You Let a Dog Lead). It was a little spot that she licked more than she should but it does not seem to be the cause. It hurt her one night and we did the mommie-doctor routine and she was better.Today was dramatic. When we tried to check it out she got really upset. We called the vet immediately since she was obviously in trouble.

Our vet did not have any appointments but they have a program where you can drop your dog or cat off and they can wait safely until someone can check them out between other appointments. It seemed like good idea. I grabbed my bag and we went to the vet. I had time to stay so she and I just waited in the waiting room rather than me dropping her off. She was a miserable heap of doggie lying on the floor in the blanket I brought for her. She loves to go to our Vets. When staff came over to speak to us she wagged her tail enthusiastically but did not move. Everyone could tell she was feeling bad. She usually dances around when she sees folks there.

As it turned out, someone had to canceled so we were able to get a whole appointment for Sophie.

After examinations, a shot of pain medication and x-rays it looks like she has a bad sprain. Just to be doubly sure, they have sent her x-rays to a specialist and we will hear back by the middle of the day tomorrow. In the mean time, Sophie is lying listlessly on the foot of the bed feeling miserable.

We have helped her get a little food down and some water and out to go potty. She has had gentle attention and reassurance. I reached my hand out to pet her and she put her head in my hand, sighed and then closed her eyes and went to sleep.

I am glad that we can give her what all of us want when we are sick, someone to look after us and reassure us that things will be OK, or if they are not going to be OK, that we are not alone.

dog on top of rise sniffing the snow.