Today was a hard day, not because of the fire, but because it as a hard day. I tried to jam too much into the day when I had too little sleep and on top of that was sick. We all get caught in these sorts of days but we all wish could avoid them but there you have it. They belong to us and we to them.

If I were somehow magical I could tell what would make them happen . We have the illusion of control but when one thing goes off course the whole boat shifts and the seas can get very rocky.

Today I was trying to work between a data analysis of national and state data to learn how Traumatic Brain Injury and Motor Vehicle Accidents were related. It is hard to understand how to make sense of the relationship because you have to find the start. Did the TBI cause or result from the MVA. There is a national discussion as to weather or not there is a definable relationship. However, it can be almost impossible to understand the chain of events when a person does not survive the accident, So we are left wondering.

I also spent time today working on the house, primarily fussing over details of lighting. The house is narrow due to the shape of the land. Somehow that leads extra dark places. We have so many sconces now that we can light the way from the neighbors if we just had a long enough electrical cord. Unfortunately they are not the most gorgeous in the world but they are functional, don’t stand out too much and they were $21 each.

The other task I mashed into the day was cleaning house. I have written about that before but just to vacuum the livingroom in this behometh takes 30 mintes. We have people coming here tomorrow for meetings and I had the intention of getting the whole house at least vaccumed. I finally decided that it was a great idea to close the door to a few rooms and call it good. They are like life, not really messed up but a little messy. Besides 1 hour in of the 1 and 1/2 half long task I just ran out of energy.

In many ways the day was like a house day. A House Day is when the house overtakes everything and it is hard to even find time to grab a cup of tea much less a proper, or even improper, lunch.

As I was vacuuming tonight I came to the realization that there will always be house days. There will always be days that cannot be finished even if night is added to day. I will be careful about what I commit to doing but I will also be careful about recognizing when I am in the ditch and need help.

Since the fire forced me to understand how letting people help you worked, I am trying too keep the lesson in my memory. Not every day will others be able to help you but when they can, it is a marvelous thing indeed.

dog at top of stairs with a ball i her mouth

Sophie often brings me a toy when she thinks I need a break. It is important for me to listen to her.