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Yesterday I was having a garden variety bad day. I jammed too much in and I was too tired to start. Recipe for a difficult day–either for you or for those around you. For me, today, it was a fire bad day.

I am still too tired, I am still sick, and I am still without my hoe nor any papers that would allow us to move forward on the house. We are pretty much dead in the water right now and don’t have any clear path to follow. We are having to readdress the outside of our house which is causing consternation. We can use cement fiber but not wood siding. Shifting back to log brings with it re-designing and re-engineering parts of the house. Worse yet, when we get bids from companies they each include totally different things so we are left having to make spreadsheets upon  spreadsheet to try to ferret out the actual cost of the options compared to each other. It is not easy.

So, I am feeling put upon that we cannot have what we planned and that what I wanted form the beginning. I know I could not answer but running through my mind I is whether or not we made a mistake by not grabbing a nice log cabin kit right after the fire. Of course, none of them that we could find our budget or our lifestyle.

So, no answers today. Yet another fire-given day that promises to give us yet another opportunity to learn to tolerate ambiguity. Perhaps those skills will come in handy tomorrow.

dog sleeping an outdoor swing