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Today has been a struggle with budget. I have spent nearly every waking hour hammering on a spread sheet trying to make things be different. They are not. The actual numbers and my estimated numbers are the same. They are both more than we wanted to spend on the house. My stomach has been a bit queasy since I did the math this morning.

While I was crunching numbers I had to make adjustments on the house plan to follow what we have been doing with things like windows and porches. The plan is the way it was the the details of how it was and how it is reveal themselves board by board. I saw my house coming out of the numbers into reality board by board. It is more than we had planned to spend but not more than we can afford if we are very careful. Living in the house will be such a pleasure I think it will be easy to be careful.

Here are some real photos paired with some computer modeling. We hope you enjoy the house.

house under construction

This is the front of the house. That is a gradall in front. I want one for when the housekeeping gets really hard. Just pick it up and toss it out!

mock up of house

This is the front of the house from my 3D modeling. I got a little enthusiastic about the flowers. Hopefully I will be able to grow that many but I am not confident of that.









house under construction

This is the side porch. It is just wide enough for you to kick your chair back against the wall, put your feet on the rail and drink iced tea or something stronger if you like.