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You know me. I am the dog. My name is Sophie. Most of the time Mom writes about me in the blog but sometimes she lets me write the blog. Tonight she went to sleep. I got the computer while she was not looking. I wanted to write and tell you my house got windows today. I like my house. I like my windows. I can see things out my windows.

My new house is a dog park house. There are dogs who come to work with their people. When Mom and Dad and I go to the house the other dogs Bailey and Rolly are waiting for me. When they see our car they run down the hill and bark to welcome us. They stand and watch Mom get me out of my seat belt. Sometimes they stuff their noses in the Subaru with me. I don’t like that. I get fussy. When Mom finishes undoing my seat belt I wait primly until she tells me I can go. Then I launch myself out of the car.

We race around. I have to go potty. They always come with me. Sometimes I wish Rolly would not be so interested. He is kinda a kid so I just remind him that a girl needs a little privacy. After that we race around some more.

We like to stand and look our over the edge of the parking area in front of the house. Mom says it has a commanding view. I know commands mean I have to do something. I don’t understand what she commands the view to do. Do they get treats? I don’t care about the treats when we have our view. We can see everything all the way down to the road. It is a long way. Dad says it is like a foot ball field. I watch football with my Grandmom. We like football. I get treats then.

Today we got windows. Windows are like treats. You know you will get them if you just wait. Mom says they are clay colored. I don’t know what clay looks like but if it looks like our windows I like it. I heard Mom tell Dad that she liked the windows. She said they were really nicer than she thought they would be. They cost a lot. I heard Mom and Dad talking about it. The man who is building our house even got some bigger ones for us than Mom ordered. We like them. I am glad he got them for us.

Today Rolly and Bailey and I just standing around on our overlook in front of the house wagging our tails. All of a sudden I heard a window open and Mom called me. I was confused. I looked to my left and no Mom. I looked over to the other side. No Mom. I looked up behind me and Mom was in the window way up high. She did that when we lived in our house that died in the wildfire. I looked up and she was in our new house office not the old house office but they have the same window. I told Bailey and Rolly to look the other way. When Mom calls you from the office window you have to do what she says. That must be what she means by a commanding view. You can see a long way from the office windows. I know that is a view. When she calls down and tells me to stop barking that is a command. Humans are so hard to understand. Why did she not tell me? I stand here and look and she tells me what to do. A commanding view!

After I raced all around the yard and inside the house too we went to Lowes. I like Lowes but I am tired of going there. When we go we are there so long I lie down on the floor and take a nap while Mom and Dad talk and talk and talk to people. When I wake up we go to the front of the store and there is something big that goes in the car and takes over my seat. Last week it was a bathtub. Today I almost had to share with a hot water heater! I don’t like hot water. I don’t like baths. I like cold water to drink. When the water is hot I will get a bath. I am glad I did not have to share my seat with the hot water heater.

We got a fireplace. It is fake. You don’t put wood in it. You plug it into the wall. I don’t understand why they call it a fire place. It should be a plug place. While Mom and Dad were yacking with the man at Lowes about the hot water heater I grabbed the instillation guide to the fireplace. It said it had a projector in it. It is just like a computer screen! It should be called a fire computer not a fire place. Mom said it will keep us warm in our little apartment until we get the big heater installed. I like to be warm so I will take a nap by the computer.

In our old house the window by Mom’s desk was low to the floor. I could stand under her desk and look out at the view. I miss my window. Mom showed me today that I have my window back. I don’t see the desk but I know she has it in the warehouse. When we come live our new house I will sleep by the fire computer called a fireplace and look at our commanding view. It is like it used to be. I like that.

Construction site, dogs standing together on small porch. Two dogs are visible and one is just peeking out from under the neck of the other.

There are three dogs here. Look under the neck of the red dog in front and you will see the nose of our dog, Sophie. She is constantly leading this pair astray. She is 10, they are much, much younger. Both are pretty savvy dogs but you don’t get to be 10 without learning a thing or two.