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Sophie the dog is on our new couch glaring at us. She knows we are packing again. She is not happy. I know how she feels. I tried to get her in a better mood by saying in a happy voice, “Today, we are going to a hotel!” Usually when I say today she cocks her ears and turns her head with interest. She also knows the word hotel since we have traveled so much with her. She likes hotels.

Nope, no hotel today. No, no, no. Not going. glare1Staying with my couch with my lion and my bankie. You gave it to me. You cannot take it and put it in the car. I am not going.

We feel the same way. For us it is not so much refusing to leave this rental ski-condo which will be inhabited by skiers tomorrow as it is moving one more time. We are parsing things out for the three locations we will encounter the next bit of time. We are taking some things up to our future digs, our cruise ship, the basement apartment in our unfinished house. We cannot even say how long it will be before we can move upstairs into “the big house.”


We know that we will still be working on the kitchen in the middle of next month since I am supposed to rearrange the delivery date for the appliances. That is not the end of the construction so I am guessing what I have been guessing for the past few months, that we will be finished in April or May.

Given that time frame I cannot say how happy we are to be moving into our tiny apartment. I said my spouse and I would install the kitchen in the apartment. We spent four hours on it last night and the work accomplished was small and the confusion large. We got the info we needed today so we will go at it again tomorrow before it gets plumbed on Friday.

Even with last night’s frustration and the kitchens tiny size it is just beautiful. It is all beautiful stainless steel with black trim. The base cabinet (there is only one, at 18″) is black and the wall cabinet (there is one) is ivory with black antique glazing on it. We have a range and a tiny dishwasher. We have a pretty half-circle wall mounted pot rack too. It will be an efficient little thing. The dishwasher was an indulgence on the one hand and very useful on the other since we did not have a place to put dishes to dry. In a place that small one cup left unwashed might as well be the whole kitchen in disarray.

We don’t know how long the sojourn at the hotel will be. We have a one bedroom suite but having lived in one bedroom suites for so long since the fire burned our house they have just zero appeal to us. Even housekeeping is not an inducement.

With luck, we will only be in the hotel a few days. I don’t know how to explain that to my dog. In fact I don’t even know how to explain that to us.