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Sophie likes it here. I seems odd to judge the rightness of our world by the rightness of a dog’s view but we do. After the fire Sophie had the hardest time. Since we moved here she is happy. dog sitting on wood gazing into the forest

She walks around her house ticky-toes wagging her tail just because she is happy. Sometimes she makes a break for it and runs around the bedrooms and pops out by the kitchen wall. With the doors all open there is a great maze for a dog at full tilt.

Mostly, though, she sits on the front deck gazing out into her new world. She can sit hours and look. I still cannot tell what she sees. I have a hunch she is waiting to see something not looking at something. Sophie is a hound and waiting to see something makes sense.

I wish I had the patience to sit and wait for something to happen rather than look for something that has already happened. I imagine if I could, I would see more.

mountain view