Tonight I was putting the second coat of paint on our bedroom in our as-yet unfinished house when it struck me I was painting our bedroom.

The house progresses and we are spending more time upstairs working than we previously have. These past few days have been a painting marathon. In the process of painting we got to learn a little about each room.

I particularly know about our powder room. I have painted it three times now. I was using left over paint since it is such a small room but I did not have enough left over for it to be left over paint. I painted one wall with a little other left over paint. It did not work. I tried a decorative paint technique and it did not work. I found another color of left over paint so that is the color it is now.

We learned that when the light is muted all of the different colors we ended up with look like one color. We have had some reservations about how much color we ended up putting in the house so it was reassuring to know that they could wash out together.

The kitchen color is matched to Johnson Brother’s Blue Willow pattern which is an antique reproduction pattern. The paint came from the store labeled “white, match to plate.” I like to think of it as “Plate White”.

The cabinets arrive later this week so next weekend is a marathon cabinet paint. Dinner will be delayed due to  cabinet painting.

After all the painting this weekend I am glad to have a few days to sleep before the cabinets arrive. When I am awake I shall contemplate the mountains and think of the time when I get to sleep in my new bedroom.

mountain view