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Before now I never knew that snow shovels make great dust pans. I understand a lot of things about tidiness now that I did not before. I know that to me it makes sense to have wood and left over wire in the yard and to sweep paper floors. It is our home and these are our things that are not going to disappear into a fire or a warehouse and it is tidy.

When you visit about any construction site there are scraps of wood, insulation, plastic strips that hold shipments of things together, a stray soft drink can and a left over lunch bag. I thought that construction sites were not particularly tidy.

We have those things, along with an elaborate boardwalk made of scraps of plywood. We have the proverbial pile of junk that accumulates but it is not too big. The left over wood is neatly sorted into types even though the ends don’t line up like a matchbook they are all like with like. We even have paper taped down over the entire garage floor. Soon we will have paper taped down over the entire newly laid, unfinished floor across the whole house.

I swept the paper in the garage today. It was a bit of a strange exercise given that the paper is there to contain the mess. There is something impermanent about paper taped together on the floor that seems like you should take it up to clean rather than sweeping and shop-vac’ing it.

What is not impermanent is saying, “we have that at home.”

Today we were searching the warehouses for lighting fixtures. There are a lot of lighting fixtures in a house so we were doing a lot of searching. The first 10 or so were not all that hard. It went downhill from there. Except that it was uphill or something like that when I could say, “I think we have that one at home already.”

At home in our little basement apartment, we do not have room for a table. I bought two fancy tables that draw up to the couch and have fancy names in urban decorating. Here in rural America we call them glass and metal TV trays. They were not the satisfactory solution I had hoped for. You can get a bowl of soup OR a cup on one but not both.  I went in search of a table we could quickly fold and put away. Surprisingly it was very hard to find.

Eventually my search ended with a folding plastic deck table. I would not have chosen plastic if I could have found anything else. Our home in our apartment is nicely decorated so the plastic table is an anomaly. I got the ugly colored one since it came 2 day Amazon Prime and it was $10 less than the less ugly color. I painted it blue and it looks like it is sunburned since the paint peels off. Peeling paint and all when it is dinner we get out the table and park it between the couch and the TV since that is the only place big enough to have both a place to sit and a place to eat off of.

Dinner involves going to a closet in the garage that is “ours” and rolling out our little butcher block kitchen cabinet and the folding plastic picnic table. It seems normal.

This is the good part. Our house is tidy. Snow shovels for dust pans, sweeping paper floors and folding plastic tables for the dining room are normal. We have all those things at home.kitchen