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We cannot find the pot filler. High and low we have looked. Under the bed, under the clothes in the tiny closet in our tiny apartment. We have looked in every place that is not obviously out in the light. Under the couch, behind the bathroom shelf. Everywhere. Nowhere can we find it. stainless steel pot filler

One of the most important things we have learned building this house is that it is nasty business to start building one house, buy a lot of the fixtures and other things for it and then end up building a different house, particularly if you have to move in between

One of the things we have spent the most time on is looking for stuff. At this point we have either called the game and left stuff go uninstalled or we have used something left over from the other house that was there but made no atheistic contribution or at times made a negative one.

Our power room (aka a 1/2 bath) is tiny. It has the prettiest tiny pedestal sink in it, and it had a wildly over scaled toilet. It is not that the toilet is over sized but in that room it is like an elephant sitting there. For plumbing reasons the small scaled potty I had for that small scaled room with the small pedestal sink ended up on the basement apartment and the one for the basement apartment upstairs in the powder room. Both rooms would have looked better but the rough ins and who thought what went where got scrambled so here we sit, knees to the wall in the powder room and room to kick your feet out and still have 6 feet left over in the apartment bath.

I would have bought a new toilet and am itching to do it right now but the cost of not using the one we have and getting another would have added up to $400 or $500 which we just don’t have to spend. So now if the power room door is left open all you can see is a toilet filling the view of the whole door and if you are in there you just lost half of your formerly already small turning space. We will leave the door closed and invite tall people to use the guest bathroom rather than the powder room.

We have two other truly lost items. We have a beautiful had made variegated and iridescent sink and the pot filler. The sink is something we moved past a long time ago. We just gave up and got a new one. The pot filler needs to be installed Monday, the final day the plumbers are coming, and not only do we not have one, no one in town or the neighboring town with the box stores have one. We cannot even get one here in time using overnight delivery. Installing the pot filler is not something we can do on our own since it is not even stubbed out. We can have them stub it out but I still doubt my plumbing skills We can somehow mark the back splash so we can find the rough plumb and install it later but that cost more than a new faucet all together–which we cannot get in time.

There are other things gone missing but we have learned to work around them. The fixes are generally of the “let put that one we had for the other house in for now and when we find the right one I will fix it.” We have extras floating around because we had a bigger house in process in Idaho so there are more things left over.

One of the things missing is the right color roof. We now have a left over one. We have a metal roof and unwittingly put a color on the roof that is not approved. While it would be an acceptable color in Vermont, since it is required to match the tree colors and their colors include a maple tree, it is not acceptable here. The roof is a dark brown-burgundy that when the sun hits it just right does not match the evergreen trees. We did not follow the house approval process through a series of confusing decisions so here we sit with a perfectly good roof–if you lived elsewhere–that needs to come off and be replaced by a different color. I made the mistake and I feel sort of bad. Thankfully it is a more logistical bad than a sorrowful bad. I don’t think more stress would be a good addition these days as we try to bring the house together, meet the bank interest rate lock closing date, get money to the contractor to pay for this last invoice and deal with all the other things we can deal with, including the fact that my spouse will be gone for a week.

So it is crunch time. We won’t have a petite toilet because it costs too much to get a new one. We probably won’t be filling pots conveniently at the stove since we cannot find it and even if we were willing to pay for a new one cannot find one in time.

So no pot filler, but we have a honking big toilet and a new roof. We will live with the pot filler and the toilet but If you happen to know anyone who wants a 4 month old metal roof, we know where to find one.