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Today was a day like any other day at our house these days. Being a rainy Saturday we slept in a little and then started working on the house. I made the mess and my spouse cleaned it up. senic shot with evergreen trees in the foreground and leaden storm clouds hanging over tall mountains in the long view

I am grinding stone for on our counter tops. Even with a wet grinder I am overwhelmed by the mess. One of the things I have learned is that stone is far less resistant to being worked into new shapes that you would think. Amid the nicely polished areas I have divots and wobbly edges to show the evidence of my lessons.

My spouse had a lesson today too. He learned how clogged a shop vac filterer cleaning stone I was grinding could get. He took the filter out to clean it and reported to me that he had seen others do it but he had never really understood how much it could collect.

It was a day like any other. Lessons learned, companionship had, and home a step closer.