We flew down on a Delta jet on Friday morning and hit the door of Mom’s house Friday afternoon and Harvey hit Texas on Friday night at 10 pm. We began to feel the storm at our house in Houston on Saturday afternoon. I started counting inches if rain at 9 pm that night. Saturday night to Sunday night was 22 inches plus what I did not count but estimate was at least 6 inches.

Sunday night to Monday night was about 16 more inches. I lost count in the afternoon when the rain slacked off for 6 blessed hours.

Taking the conservative numbers, we total of 44 inches since the start of the storm.

As the runoff has increased due to increased saturation of the ground, we have increased the sophistication of our water removal system composed of ice chest, HVAC hose, a radio flyer wagon, a recycle bin, two buckets, door mats, wood scraps, a shower floor-to-ceiling safety bar, brooms, ladders, paint cans, garden edging, a Christmas tree stand, fence boards and a downed tree.

If we both work at the same time we can move to the runoff trail in the driveway up to 2000 gallons of water in 30 min. The worst has been 3 in per hour for 1 1/2 hr.

We can almost stay even at that pace but can only keep it up for 1 1/2 hrs before exhaustion.

As long as our peak bands do not get a rate higher or longer, we are likely to stay dry inside.

Here’s to Harvey!